The Five Elements: An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine & Kundalini Yoga (Starts Sep 22)

Effort level 1

This is a 5 Workshop Series with Bir Kaur Khalsa.

In this series of 5 workshops you will be introduced to ancient technologies of Traditional
Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan. Each workshop will
focus on a different element of Chinese Medicine in how it relates to and merges with
the experience of Kundalini Yoga. These elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.
In each workshop you will be introduced in how each element manifests via the organ systems,
diet, lifestyle, emotion and spiritual evolution. Each workshop will include kriyas (complete set
of action/postures), meditations and pranyama that can help balance each element.
These workshops are ideal for those who want to learn about the in-depth links of
Kundalini Yoga in relationship to TCM.
No experience with Kundalini Yoga or TCM is required but is helpful.


Sunday, Sept 22, 2019 – Earth Element

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 – Metal Element

Sunday, Nov 24, 2019 – Water Element

Sunday, Dec 15, 2019 – Wood Element

Sunday, Jan 19, 2020 – Fire Element

Time: 1:30 – 4:00 pm

Cost: $45 per workshop or all 5 for $169 (+HST) Go to our pricing page to purchase and register.