Pranayama Fundamentals (Change your Life) Oct 26, 4:30pm with Kira Leskew

Effort level 2

Change your Life with Pranayama

This workshop is useful no matter what level people are at. This 90-min workshop covers each of the 4 main aspects of correct pranayama: body alignment, activating the different parts of the lungs, correct pauses in the breath and softening the breath. Yogis can predict the problems that you will have in life by a person’s normal habits of breathing. Whether you are a complete beginner to yoga, or you have years of experience, there are techniques and tips that will enhance your practice of either Hatha or Kundalini yoga.

Kira has taught Pranayama to people that were struggling with health problems, to elite athletes and to people wanting to make changes in their relationships. Correct Pranayama is one of the fastest self-healing techniques. Kira is certified in Hatha Yoga in the Scaravelli method, as taught by Esther Myers, and has over 20 years experience in Kundalini Yoga as well.

New to yoga? Never meditated or tried breathing exercises? Or you just want to deepen and strengthen your existing practice? This is the workshop for you and will change your life.

$30 plus HST ($33.90). Go to our pricing page  to purchase and register.