Nataliya Gasenko

Nataliya Gasenko

Nataliya Gasenko is a certified Qi Gong Instructor.

Qi means ENERGY; Gong means SKILL. This 4000 years old practice is a part of traditional Chinese medicine.It includes flowing movements, gentle stretches, breathing exercises and meditation in motion.

Nataliya has studied Qi Gong with Master Lee Holden in Santa Cruz, California and Master Marisa Cranfill in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Born in Ukraine, Nataliya got her degree in Biology, and taught Biology in Medical University. She has been physically active all her life as a swimmer, ballroom dancer and a traveler. In Canada, she has been working in the Real Estate business for many years, but at a certain point of her life, she found herself out of balance. That was when she discovered and started practicing Qi Gong.

She fell in love with Qi Gong practice after her first try. It helped her to increase her sense of vitality, inner peace and happiness. That is when she realized how many people would benefit from this ancient Daoist practice, and how healing Qi Gong could be for those, who live in the hectic, Yang dominating Western culture, so she decided to learn how to teach Qi Gong and got her certification in the Spring of 2019.

Since then, Nataliya continues learning, practicing and teaches Qi Gong in several locations in Toronto. Now Nataliya is happy to share the benefits and the wisdom of Qi Gong with the Bliss Yoga Community.