Melodie Jugdeo

Melodie Jugdeo

Melodie is an elementary school teacher who began her yoga journey back in 2012

to find more balance in life and to practice more self-care. She has always had a

passion for wellness and believes that running a holistic classroom where students’

sense of self and well-being are of top priority, and are keys to better helping kids

succeed academically. Although she has shared special connections with many of

her students in the classroom over the years, she has recently felt the call to delve

deeper into her passion for kids’ wellness to support children on a broader level.

Melodie’s trip to Bali in the spring of 2018, was transformative in helping her to

uncover a deep yearning to teach kids the importance of wellness through

mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

She received her certification that summer, became a new resident of the Kingsway

area, and also welcomed her first child! Now that she is finding more balance with

being a new mom, she is extremely excited to share her teachings with young

children in the community!