Kundalini and Meditation

Effort level 2

As taught by Yogi Bhajan, is not only a system of physical exercise; it’s a dynamic, powerful tool for expanding awareness. It is an integrated and authentic system of exercise, breath control and meditation that has been practiced in India for millennia. Kundalini Yoga is safe, comprehensive and simple. It promotes physical health, stimulates the mind’s potential and touches one’s innermost being. Much of Kundalini Yoga was kept secret until Yogi Bhajan first came to America to teach it in 1968 and founded the 3HO Foundation. Kundalini Yoga is dynamic in its practice, vast in practical information and powerful in its experience. It is perfect for people who want both the immediate and long-term benefits of yoga and a relaxed and uplifting experience of consciousness. Classes are suitable for all levels. Is a process that leads to a state of serenity, clarity and bliss. Kundalini Yoga meditation includes some or all of the following aspects: mantra or chanting, mudra or hand positions, mental focus, music and/or silence. Come and experience the depth of peace and calm created by a quiet state of the mind.