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Yoga for everyone in the comfort of your own space!

Please sign up at Student Access to participate in a live class.

To be able to connect to our classes you would need, a computer with Internet connection, a phone or tablet.

Instructions on how to join the class Open Bliss Yoga website:

  • Login at the student access
  • Choose a class and sign up for the class (if you don’t have credits you would have to purchase a pass)
  • A half an hour before the class “View Broadcast” will be shown under the class name in the schedule
  • Click on View Broadcast and it’ll open the Zoom meeting

Instructions for Zoom:

  • Prior to joining the class, you will be asked by Zoom website to install a plugin (assuming you haven't used Zoom before) otherwise it’ll take you directly to the class
  • Since this is a conferencing solution, please make sure you mute yourself and turn your camera off. Otherwise, you may inadvertently become an active participant.

The best way we found to watch and do our Yoga class:

  • Connect your computer to a TV with an HDMI cable
  • Connect your computer to an external speaker

Please note that you would not be able to deregister up to an hour before the class. Thanks for understanding.

Message from Us

Visit one of our many classes

Do something good for yourself -
Improve your mental and physical health!


Health benefits... where do we even start? Improved flexibility, muscle strength and tone, cardio benefits, balancing metabolism, weight reduction, prevention or recovery from injury, helps you focus and relax, boosts your immune system, it helps you with your sleep. Yoga is a complete mind body workout that combines strengthening and stretching with deep breathing, relaxation and meditation. It is a welcoming, non competitive environment that provides holistic approach to your self improvement.


Flexibility is one of the first and obvious benefits of yoga. We can all use it. And a lot of us suffer from the lack of it. Students you see in yoga images on internet do not go to yoga because they are flexible. They are flexible because they do yoga or some other flexibility improving activity. So we are inviting all of you suffering from back pain or stiff joints or just... not able to touch your toes to come and join us in our classes, make a step on your path to a more flexible you. Also, if you already do some sports, note that there are three elements of fitness: strength, endurance and... flexibility. So, do not neglect the third element, because it will help you with first two.


Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. We incorporate meditation elements in all of our classes, through focusing during poses, breathing exercises, relaxation. We also offer full meditation classes. How does this help? It helps you with concentration and focus. Better emotional and physical responses to stress. Boosts your immune system. It helps you relax and regular practice was proven to reduce high blood pressure. Join us in Bliss and gain an hour away from cell phones, emails and other day-to-day distractions and pressures.


Yoga is not aiming to replace the classic strength training using reps of muscle contractions with weights or other resistance. But yoga will help you tone your body in balance with flexibility. We are not using weights, but we are using our bodies as a weight that needs to be supported in a variety of yoga poses. We want you to focus on yoga as a way of thinking and being and yoga will along the way help you build the variety of muscles that you will use in your everyday life, for walking, bending, twisting, sitting, carrying groceries. Yoga will also increase your endurance by holding poses over periods of time.


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