Yoga to Ease Anxiety with Harriet Ross, single session, Sunday Mar 4, 1pm to 4pm

Effort level 1

This is a gentle and accessible workshop to teach you how to calm and centre your state of Being. This series, rooted in the yoga tradition and backed by recent research findings, is appropriate for people experiencing acute or chronic stress, anxiety, and/or difficulty with sleep. It is also appropriate for those feeling overwhelmed and needing some R & R.
Over the course of 3hrs participants will explore mind-body practices (including physical postures, awareness techniques and guided meditations) that help to reduce anxiety, increase resilience to stress, refocus the mind and reconnect the mind-body experience.
You will learn:
How to dissipate nervous energy, release long-held tension and facilitate deep rest & relaxation.
How to soothe and balance the stress response system, encourage the parasympathetic/ relaxation response and help to regulate the mind and emotions.
Simple mindful centering techniques to use in everyday situations which can help to instill a sense of centered presence.
Practices which develop your experience of inner resource and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

As an added bonus;
Did you know that people only remember 20-30% of the information given in workshops?!
To support you to integrate the information and practices into your life in an effective and lasting way participants will receive:
written descriptions of practices
audios of guided practices to use at home
Yours forever !

Newcomers to Yoga are welcome!
If you are unsure if this workshop is appropriate for you we can arrange a conversation by phone.

Harriet is a certified Yoga Therapist and Awakening Coach
Cost: $55 + HST = $62.15
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