Rehab Pilates with Alyssa, 2 hour workshop, on Sunday, June 24, 12:30-2:30pm

Effort level 1

Are you experiencing a new or old injury getting in the way of your current workouts? Feeling completely unmotivated, discouraged, or just looking for some new exercises to compliment your current workout regime? Join this new and exciting rehab Pilates workshop, where you’ll learn rehab based Pilates exercises and stretches that can be used to help speed up the recovery of your new or old injuries while giving your current or future workouts a new look. This workshop will focus on improving, and strengthening muscles you may have been unsuccessful, or unsure of how to target with your current workouts while learning how not to neglect the importance of a breathing technique. No prior Pilates experience is required. Anyone from a beginner to intermediate is more than welcome to join this new rehab based workshop, as modifications will be available to accommodate all levels, and injuries.

$160 plus HST ($180.80). Go to our pricing page to purchase and register.
Pre-registration required.