NIA Light Dance Fitness Workshop with Chelsea, Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm, Starts May 27, 4 sessions

Effort level 1

Come join Bliss for a 4-part Nia dance workshop! Nia is a routine-based dance class
fusing movements from yoga, martial arts, tai chi, and contemporary dance. It’s aerobic
without the impact…a light dance class that allows you to express yourself through
music and movement. The steps are easy so you can jump right into a class without
any dance experience! Anyone from any age group is welcome to join a Nia dance
class! The spirit of Nia is FUN so if you’re moving and enjoying the music, you are a
Nia dancer!
This 4-part workshop series will cover:
1. What is Nia? The first class in the workshop will explore the history of Nia dance and its
genesis from dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts. We will also explore the philosophy
behind it: the joy of movement, loving your body, and loving yourself. Then, we dance!
We’ll jump right into a mini-class to give you a delicious taste of the music and
2. Presence and Creativity: The second class will focus on finding ourselves in the music.
We will discover our movement habits, seek new ways of expressing ourselves through
our bodies, and we will re-presence ourselves to the art of music listening.
3. Movement Breakdown: In the third class, we will play with the different energies of Nia.
We will practice movements from tai chi, martial arts, Isadora Duncan, and the Alexander
Technique. We will also practice some of the 52 Nia movements we will be dancing in our
final class.
4. Full Nia Class: Join the dance party! Incorporate everything you learned and enjoy
being in the moment: love your body and love yourself!
Cost: $80 + HST = $90.40
Go to our pricing page to purchase and register.
NOTE: The workshop skips June 17th, dates are May 27, June 3, 10 and 24.