CANCELLED Beginner Pilates with Alyssa, Single Session, Sunday November 25, 2:45-4:45pm

Effort level 1

Looking to tone up? Experiencing trouble carrying weight in your mid-section? Look no further! Joining this new Beginner Pilates workshop will give you the opportunity to learn all the foundation Pilates exercises necessary to not only build a solid foundation in Pilates but also allow you to incorporate these new exercises into your daily workout regime, giving any conventional workout a new feel. Pilates unlike most conventional or traditional workouts elongates and strengthens muscles, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. Pilates focuses on core training helping with balance, while not neglecting the importance of a breathing technique. While taking part in this new and exciting Pilates class you will learn calisthenic movements that will help you gain great results while learning to move with your own body weight. No prior Pilates experience is required, anyone from a beginner to intermediate who’d like to be refreshed on Pilates foundation exercises is more than welcome to join.

$45 plus HST ($50.85). Go to our pricing page to purchase and register.
Pre-registration required.

Go to our pricing page to purchase and register.