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NATAL CHART is unique planetary placement in relation to your position on earth at the moment you were born. This chart indicates unique patterns in your life that empower you to grow and learn. Having your astrological chart read can bring more light on your personality, your strengths, areas for developing, career potentials, relationship patterns, family dynamics and the ‘shadow’ self with obstacles to overcome. The objective of astrological interpretation is to provide the person with an objective views of their constitution in life.
In reading sessions, you will receive a copy of your natal chart and 6-7 pages description your planets and zodiac influences. We will also take a brief look at upcoming main transits and the current themes affecting your life.
It is necessary to provide exact Date of birth, Time of birth, and Location at the time of your booking. Astrological Consultations must be prepaid upon booking an appointment and preferably 4-5 days are required between booking and the appointment date to allocate for necessary chart preparation.

Session Length: 60 MINS
New Client $120 + HST;
Repeat Client $80 + HST
Please call or email us to arrange your session.