Anna Kroczak

Anna Kroczak

Anna believes in a calm, focused mind and a wildly joyous body. Drawing on her background in psychology, massage and theater, she strives to guide students through an embodied experience, using fluid, thoughtful sequencing, systematic cues, touch and mindfulness to arrive at a sense of presence, empowerment and ease which extends beyond the mat.

From her first class 14 years ago, Anna has turned to yoga as a place to recharge. “There’s a magic that happens when our breath, mind and body are in unison, even if it’s brief”. The joy of connecting with movement in a nourishing way, the clarity breath can bring, and the sweetness of feeling both freedom and belonging all have an astounding effect on mental, physical and emotional well being. Always the curious yogi, Anna has turned to school, teacher trainings and books to deepen her understanding of the experience and how to share it.

Anna teaches Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Light Flow, Chair yoga and Embodied Meditation classes, as well as cofounding and running The Bliss Ritual.

When not on her mat, you’ll find her reading, riding her bike, doing the twist to old school rock tunes, or making cake for her partner, friends and fam…. Mmm cake.

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