Tatiana Tretiakova

Tatiana Tretiakova

Tatiana Tretiakova started to understand the principles of body movement since she was 8 years old, at first in her ballet classes, and later through artistic gymnastics and long-distance cross country running (candidate to master of sport in orienteering). Tatiana practiced ballet almost daily for 12 years , and was taught by former soloists of the Moscow Bolshoi theatre. Finally, Yoga brought her the true realization of connection between body, mind and soul.

Tatiana is a graduate from the Moscow State University and has enjoyed a successful career in sales with an international corporation. Tatiana began teaching yoga to help others feel balanced, grounded, both physically and emotionally, achieving a peaceful and happy state of mind.

Tatiana has completed over 500 hours of Hatha yoga teacher training courses, which include the study of Physiology and Anatomy, meditation and breathing techniques. She is certified by Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto and the Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Centre.

Having studied the benefits of both, Iyengar Yoga (principles of proper alignment) and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (movements linked to breath), Tatiana brings her experience of both these traditions into her teaching.

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