Sonia Carreno

Sonia Carreno

Sonia has searched through a number of disciplines that would bring balance and still her active mind. Her passion and devotion to Kundalini yoga brought clarity, intuition and drive to her demanding life as an entrepreneurial business consultant during extremely turbulent times. For Sonia, teaching yoga is the most natural way to reaffirm her absolute love of the practice while helping others to achieve elevated levels of well being, spiritual growth and personal success.


With a deep understanding of environmental toxins, nutritional issues, family life balance, work related stress and the challenges associated with high powered executive careers, Sonia designs each class to achieve powerful results with compassion, attention and a light heart.


“The most difficult times can be met with grace and overcome with physical strength. With time, each challenge you defeat will add to your radiance and effect those around you in magical ways.”

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