Jelena Duma

Jelena Duma

Everybody’s career journey is unique. I am always amazed when I listen to other people’s life stories. Mine started in the world of science and mathematics; in a corporate setting surrounded by computers. As a manager and client architect in software development, I have seen and felt a lot of pressure and stress. I saw the effects that they had on me and other people, frequently resulting in physical illness.

In my fifteen years in business, I have learned that one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy is to engage in natural therapies. They helped me feel balanced and in tune with the cycles of nature and the universe. As a Yoga and meditation student for over 20 years, I have learned that proper posture and breathing exercises help us relax and heal. I understand that we are all energy that vibrates on different frequencies, and that we need to adjust our energy field, inside and around us, in order to heal ourselves. But most importantly, I discovered that we can engage in reprogramming our subconscious mind in order to achieve our goals in life.
Along the way, I became a Yoga and Meditation teacher, a Psychotherapist from TAC (Transformational Arts College in Toronto), a Certified Hypnotherapist from Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Master practitioner in NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) from National Federation of NLP (Florida) and a Reiki Master while continuing to learn more healing art therapies. I realized that my mission on this planet was to help other people by practicing what I have learned, and sharing my knowledge and experience. I want to assist people in improving every aspect of their lives, to become healthier, happier and joyful human beings.
I have had my own private practice since 2003 and am the founder and director of Bliss Yoga Studio since 2005. I teach workshops and lead retreats in Canada and the USA. You can read more about my therapy approach at You can reach me at for private Yoga sessions and private psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP sessions.

The more we create tolerance, love and permission for ourselves the more we will have it for others.

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