Ivan Ivanisevic

Ivan Ivanisevic

Ivan Ivanisevic started actively practicing the Bihar school of Yoga, as thought by Swami Satyananda Saraswati in 1989. After a long search for an equivalent set of techniques in Canada, in 2002 his destiny lead him to the discovery of Kundalini yoga as thought by Yogi Bhajan. He embraced this empowering technology and decided to share his experiences and enthusiasm with all truth seekers by completing the Kundalini Yoga teachers training, becoming a K.R I. certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.

Ivan has an engineering background (M.Sc. of Electrical Engineering, majoring in Electronics).

Through the years of working in the high-tech industry, he fully understands the pressure, stress and information overload we are all exposed to in our modern life:

“There are however techniques that each one of you can learn and use that will give you a ‘perpetual stamina’ which would allow you to sail through the harsh times with a smile on your face, regardless of how difficult the times might seem. Kundalini Yoga is yoga of a householder. You do not have to become an ascetic, live in a cave and leave your material possessions and your family. Quite contrary, the challenge is to live your everyday life fulfilled, happy, healthy and knowing that you are holy. If you could spare 15 minutes of your precious day to your own self, your life will change forever. The question is – can you do it?” ~Ivan

“If you do not have yourself, how can you give anything to anyone?”, Yogi Bhajan

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