Yoga Therapy with Harriet Ross

Effort level 1

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the therapeutic application of the diverse array of Yoga practices to foster relief, ease, (re)connection and potentially healing from symptoms of illness and injury. This is a holistic practice that meets you as you are in all aspects of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. While Yoga Therapy is generally a 1:1 uniquely personalized practice these therapeutic workshops have been developed to address common experiences of a particular condition and are suitable for people new to yoga.
The Lens of Yoga Therapy:
In the study and practice of Yoga we learn that what we experience in one aspect of being is experienced throughout. This means when we experience a physical ailment we often also experience a shift in our energy and shifting thoughts & emotions as a result. Likewise persistent thoughts and emotions can influence physical patterns such as constriction or laxity in areas of the body and breath. If the experience persists over a period of time one may develop a chronic condition, low energy, and unhelpful patterns of thought & emotion. No matter the cause of an affliction, the manifestation is lived throughout, Yoga Therapy offers tools to create ease and equilibrium in all layers of being